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There are 10 courses, (plus various workshops), so you will be able to learn over a thousand signs!

If you'd like to receive documentation of your progress you can register and pay tuition.

Basic signs can be picked up in hours and within a month it is possible to hold a conversation, but it takes a lot of practice.

"Say It With Sign" SAY IT WITH SIGN featuring Sharon and Larry Solow is the most complete series on signing ever made. Treehouse Video Dan Veltri, the owner and founder of Treehouse Video, has worked professionally with the Deaf community since 1977, when he was trained and certified as a sign language interpreter.

Sign language is a visual living language that uses mostly the upper body, but can include the entire body.

The deaf community and also those who wish to interact within the deaf community use the language.

A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms Our goal in making this resource available is to help those who desire to learn ASL, and enable them to communicate more easily with others.

Hand Online Sign Language Dictionary A wholistic communication for everyone of all ages in everyday life is a simple purpose of this site.

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