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In the press release, Assistant District Attorney Todd Dillon thanked detectives from the Lufkin Police Department, Hudson ISD Police Department, and the staff at Harold’s House for their efforts in the case.“Teachers are entrusted with our most valuable and most precious asset every day,” Dillon said.“When teachers betray that trust in Angelina County, they will be held accountable for that betrayal, and they will face significant punishment.”Dillon also cautioned parents to be aware of who their children may be communicating with on social media and messaging applications, adding that these methods of communication were used by Robertson to contact the victims in this case."I hate to see someone's life be ruined but think about all those parents of the other children and what they think and what they're going through," Dodson said.Meanwhile, Dillon said this deal was in the best interest for the victims."We're happy that we were able to get this matter concluded without re-victimizing the victims.Putting them through a jury trial would asking these young men to do a lot, so this was a good resolution for everybody," Dillon said.“Forensic interviews of the students revealed that Robertson invited the boys to her Lufkin apartment in order to have sex.”In one of the incidents, Robertson arranged for a student to have his parents drop him off at her apartment, “under the guise of helping her move furniture,” the press release stated.

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