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I’ll also try to offer a little advice about flashing Maemo devices from a Linux desktop, based on my relatively limited but successful experience.

There are already very good guides for this around though, so I don’t want to just duplicate them.

Little did I know it but my problems were just beginning.Nevertheless I managed to procure a machine running Windows XP and install the update software.I connected the phone and ran the process as instructed.At first all seemed well, it downloaded the new firmware image and rebooted the phone into what I believe is known as R&D mode.After a while though I noticed the progress bar had stopped moving and I became worried. Obviously I wasn’t about to pull the plug out and permanently kill the phone, not without a gun to me head anyway. It must have been 2 hours in the end but finally a message came up on the PC screen telling me the update had failed.

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In my last Weekly Rewind I alluded to a dramatic episode I suffered with the Nokia N900 at the weekend.

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