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Kulak put together a mint-coloured screen with two columns for users' profiles – display pictures in a circle with their first name underneath.

Working on Cuddlr during the night and at weekends, moonlighting from his full-time work at a start-up in Bristol, Williams started thinking about how to release the app.

We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.

“No one imagined that it would take off so quickly, so we had concentrated on shipping the MVP [minimum viable product],” Brown said.

It could have been “Smugglr”, an Airbnb-like app for, well, smuggling stuff.In his spare time, he coded a quick framework and proof of concept for the app. Researchers have been looking at the potential health benefits of intimacy, affection and touch since the 1950s.Recently, they have focused more on cuddling to understand why people feel the need to do it and what the benefits actually are, which sheds some light on why phenomena like Cuddlr, cuddle parties and professional cuddlers exist.If that person happens to make an amazing impression, then that's great, and they could plan to meet up with them again. One user, “George”, whom I reached through the app, said his very first Cuddlr experience got awkward.He said they talked on the phone a few times before deciding to meet up.

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