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The Table Adapter Manager class ensures that updates are made in the correct order based on the foreign-key constraints that are defined in the database.When you use data-bound controls, the databinding architecture creates a member variable of the Table Adapter Manager class called table Adapter Manager.Of course I blame it on the fact that I've spent too much time in the ASP.NET arena where I can force a data-rebinding by calling the Data Bind method of the object.whenever i delete, insert or update my datasource, gridview does not refresh.However, when i manually refresh my page, then it does.

Please, you developers from Telerik, this is really urgent. For example, I have a component that creates the dataset on 1 tab, and the Dev X grid on the other. I associated the data returned as datasource of a grid. This grid had sorting and pageing enabled Now when the user clicks next the whole page gets new record so the grid had to be refreshed 1. My changes and additions were not making their way into the UI display.No matter how many times I invalidated the User Interface it just would not get displayed.To delete, select the rows and then press the Delete key and click the update button; the rows will be deleted.All your insertions, updates, and deletions will be effected by the single button.

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Then double click the button control and call the gridview method.

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